Padmavati Screen Count, IMDB Star Rating, Occupancy, Public Response

Padmavati Screen Count

Most awaited historical drama based movie on way of release as few day ago Padmavati movie trailer launched which created new record started with highest views in one day then it cross 50 million view on YouTube following this First song also launched featuring Deepika Padukone i.e. Ghoomar as this song making history and also few day ago Beyonce and Shakira also gets inspired with this songs and also shake legs on Ghoomar song which really amazing because international singer notice Bollywood songs which awesome to hear, Padmavati always in controversy from announcement of movie but last week with video director Sanjay Leela Bansali explained rumours and shut down hater in which he mentioned there is no offensive scene between Rani Padmini and Aluaddin Khilji before that there is huge announcement of movie is launching in 3D format by releasing 3D Trailer attended by Deepika Padukone so movie has to release in worldwide so to increase more factor movie converted into 3D Format and may be releasing in English language to launch over 150 countries and will have screen count 4700.

Padmavati Screen count: 4700

India Screen count: 3000

Overseas Screen count: 1700

Padmavati Movie collection
Padmavati Movie collection

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Padmavati IMDB Star Rating

IMDB rating initially based on public votes in which Padmavati movie gets 9.2 out of 10 from user and real Rating will be out after movie launched which is also decided by Audience in that if movie still able to get more than 9 rating movie will be blockbuster and has good critics, review.

IMDB Rating: 9.2/10

Padmavati Occupancy

Occupancy means percentage of people wanted to watch movie as there are many movie launching every week in that public which choose more movie will have more occupancy report so as per buzz report and trending report of Padmavati movie always gets huge attention because of controversy as well as record setting views of youtube so movie will be grabbing more occupancy which will be more than 90%.

Occupancy: 90%

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Padmavati Public Response

Padmavati movie getting mix response from public because many of people not supporting movie because they think movie has offensive scene and also added unreal scene in the movie which may hurt religion but director sanjay leela bansali given written letter about movie story and also he published video for addressing people now Trailer Launched on youtube which comes into trending list of India and also million views most of them liked Trailer, now every time any new thing is out of Padmavati move then it’s always been in trending list of social media.

Source: Padmavati Worldwide collection

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